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Almost half of taxpayers have yet to declare income tax

Almost half of taxpayers have yet to declare income tax

Almost half of Brazilian taxpayers have yet to send Income tax declaration To the tax authority. The number is disturbing because the deadline is just a few weeks away. Therefore, the authorities are making appeals to people who have not yet made the announcement.

According to the IRS itselfAbout 17 million people have sent the ad to date. This is by looking at the numbers registered as of 11 am this Monday (3). That amount is just under 53% of the total number of people who still need to send.

Overall, the IRS expects to receive this data from about 35.6 million people. Whoever does not turn over will become a debtor to the tax authorities. There is concern because many of these people have been known to leave advertising until the end of the term.

final date

According to the IRS, the deadline for filing income tax began on March 1 and ends on May 31. So we can say that we are about a month before the end of the tax return period.

Although seemingly long-lived, the IRS is asking people to hurry. That’s because the main advice is to make a statement soon to avoid having to run into a system with multiple congestion. This usually happens every year because people leave this job every year for the last hour.

Room decision

On April 13, the House of Representatives approved a bill extending this deadline even further. According to the text, the period for issuing this announcement expires on July 31 and no longer on May 31 as the current rule states.

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However, this project rule is not yet valid. He might even start counting because he’s only relying on punishment from President Jair Bolsonaro. However, analysts say the advice is not to trust this information and go and make that statement as soon as possible.

Not everyone is required to file an income tax return. In most cases, a person enters as the dependents of their relative, for example. However, in all of these cases, people must be aware of what is happening with their statement to avoid surprises in the future.

Controversy with aid

Income tax declaration usually ends up being a process that raises many doubts every year. In fact, there is a new doubt this year: the return of emergency aid. This is a possibility that plagues many people.

There are some instances when people need to return. This is usually because there is a dependent who received aid last year, even though the owner has a higher income than the emergency aid allows.

In social networks, many people think that this rule is unfair. However, the truth is that it is worth it. To contest this charge, the taxpayer can go to the website of the Ministry of Citizenship and report the possible error. The idea is that they rate each of these complaints.