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All new WhatsApp features released in 2022 and what's new in the future

All new WhatsApp features released in 2022 and what’s new in the future

a The WhatsApp It may be the most popular messenger in Brazil with a great advantage, but it does not stop applying new features that make the application more useful for everyday use. Practically every week, the app starts developing a new tool or feature, and in many cases, users don’t even know they desperately need it.

In order to get everything in order, the file Canaltech In this column, it collects all the news that WhatsApp has implemented (or plans to implement) throughout 2022. Here, all the chat tools, expansions of existing features, and additions that the platform has already made available in the application, either officially announced or leaked by request.

All WhatsApp news for 2022

Reactions with emojis on WhatsApp

First, WhatsApp made reactions available with just six emoji options, but it was only a matter of time before the entire sticker catalog was released to spice up the chat. Since June, it is possibleReply to messages sent or received in the app using any sticker available in the drawerWhether on PC or mobile phone.

You can use any of the images provided on the keyboard to interact (Image: Disclosure / WhatsApp)

Mute the sound in voice calls

If you are on a voice call and one of the participants is making a lot of noise, you can now mute them individually. also in june, WhatsApp has implemented the function to “mute” specific people And make real-time conversation smoother for everyone.

Direct messages during calls

In a group voice chat, you can also send private messages to specific participants. A shortcut added to the app made it easier to connect from outside: tap on the participant’s photo, tap “Chat with .” [contato]And start a text chat without leaving the call.

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Download files up to 2 GB

a WhatsApp has increased the maximum size of files sent in the messenger up to 2 GB. Files uploaded as documents can be larger in the app, allowing you to participate more freely in groups or individual conversations.

Voice calls with up to 32 people

Since April this year, the WhatsApp allows you to make calls in the app with up to 32 people At the same time. The addition finally gives large groups the ability to communicate in real time without the need for an alternative app, such as The Google meeting or disagreement.

Voice calls on WhatsApp will be able to host up to 32 people (Image: Reproduction / WhatsApp)

Still under development

Hide “Online”

almost WhatsApp will allow you to hide the “Connected” indicator For anyone who wants the user. Enhanced privacy will be an additional option to see “last seen” and can be hidden from unknown numbers, specific contacts, or everyone.

The ability to hide “online” has been found in WhatsApp Beta for Android (Photo: Playback / WABetaInfo)

Messages are kept in temporary conversations

Submissions made in temporary conversations (individual or group) may be kept beyond the self-destruct period. WhatsApp is a way to Keep messages exchanged in ephemeral conversations To facilitate subsequent consultation and to save it even after the time of the disappearance.

Messages kept on WhatsApp are grouped into the “Contact/Group Information” section for quick reference (Photo: Playback/WABetaInfo)

Quick reactions to the situation

Get quick reactions with emojis in Stories from Instagram? This same feature should land on WhatsApp. The The platform will provide emojis to quickly reply to a status post WhatsApp – Just tap to send.

WhatsApp preset eight emojis as a quick reaction (Image: Play/WABetaInfo)

Export a backup as a file

a WhatsApp is a way to export a backup of conversations (including messages, media, audios, and stickers) as a file, rather than saving exclusively to the Google cloud or An apple. The functionality is still under development and is likely an alternative to Google being charged for storage space, but it’s also an important addition to improve users’ control and privacy over their private information.

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It will be possible to export a backup copy of the conversations from Google Drive (Photo: Playback / WABetaInfo)


in Great WhatsApp Communities You still do not have an exact date of arrival – Especially in Brazil, with elections increasingly approaching – But they should reach the application in 2023. The tool will serve as an “umbrella” for traditional groups, uniting them to facilitate communication between administrators.

Communities are “groups” that bring together all group chats related to a specific topic (Image: Playback / WhatsApp)

Recover deleted messages

Delete a message just for you and regret it? WhatsApp will allow you to review this decision. Button evolution detected in the app ‘Undo’ to remove messages. The shortcut will appear once you select the “Clear data for me” option (which only disappears when sending in your app).

The Undo button re-enters the message in the chat to be selected again (Image: Playback / WABetaInfo)

Cover photos for business accounts

To further personalize the application, the file WhatsApp will let you add a cover photo to business accounts. The image will appear in the “Contact Information” section of the app.

WhatsApp cover images will be exclusive to business accounts (Image: Play / WABetaInfo)


WhatsApp will allow you to send public polls with up to five options to facilitate joint decision making or to run quizzes with your friends and family in app groups.

The surveys are still in development, but you can already get an idea of ​​how WhatsApp works (Image: Reproduction/WABetaInfo)

WhatsApp Premium

a WhatsApp prepares a paid version for business accounts. Business owners will be able to choose WhatsApp Premium to access exclusive features, such as simultaneous access to up to 10 devices, personal chat links and more.