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All 2023: Rebecca on the historic leap: “For me it was perfect”

All 2023: Rebecca on the historic leap: “For me it was perfect”

“I really love jumping, and I love doing parallel bars too. So I’m very happy, very proud of everything I’ve done so far. And I think that’s it, there’s no other word.”

At the end of the race, the American sent a sign of respect to Rebecca, expressing his admiration for the wonderful performance presented by the Brazilian. Regarding her competitor’s gesture, the gold medalist responded with a mixture of shame and joy.

“I’m a little embarrassed, right? Because it’s public. But it’s really great to see how much we encourage each other, and how happy they are with our success and us for their success. Everyone understands what this sport is like. “It’s tough and how hard we train to get here and give it a lot of effort,” Rebecca commented. “Our best efforts.”

Getting ready for Paris 2024

[Espero] To be happy, and very healthy so I can do what I train to do. Get there to do what you do best. As I said, the score is a result of what I will do in the competition. So, if I’m training well and my body is consistent, and if I’m in a good headspace, I know I’ll get there and do my best there.

I’m working to become one of the best in the world

[Graças ao apoio] From Flamingo, COBE, CBG. If it wasn’t for them, my coaches, and the multidisciplinary team, I wouldn’t be here today. For the many different processes I needed to do, like leaving home and after surgeries, keeping my mind clear, and knowing that I was able to come back, I needed them all by my side. There were moments where I really threw in the towel. But they fought with me there. They made me understand that I could do more, and they believed not only in the potential I had as an athlete, but in my character, and they always made that very clear. These were the main reasons I didn’t give up.

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