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Aline Mineiro says Léo Lins kissed the tourist also in the video at AL

Aline Mineiro says Léo Lins kissed the tourist also in the video at AL

Aline Mineiro, 30 years old Comment on the video of him kissing a woman in Maceió Leo Lenz, her 39-year-old ex-boyfriend, watches the scene. On Instagram, the former Fazenda reiterated that the two were not back together and let go that the comedian also “stayed” with the same tourist afterwards.

“I’ve seen the circulating pictures that I was hooking up with a girl, and he was on the side, and then he called the girl too…For those who don’t know, our relationship is open to women. I’m bisexual, so I don’t have a problem to talk about.”

The video of the moment was posted by blogger Mércia Poderosa and circulated on social networks.

“Leo and I have dated for three years, we have built a lot together, we have friendships, we are partners, we love to travel, we always get along well … But at the moment, as much as we go out together, we are not dating. I don’t know what tomorrow will be, if We were going to decide to appear together again tomorrow, dating… I don’t know. [juntos]I continued.

Elaine Mineiro joinedfarm 13″ (RecordTV) Dating comedian. The relationship was always open for ex Panicat to be with other women. She even had an affair with Dayane Mello, and also accepted Medrado and Sthe. However, Léo Lins He did not like his girlfriend’s approach to MC Gui and decided to end the relationship.

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