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Alicia Vikander is a movie star in a short trailer.  Watch Rolling Stone

Alicia Vikander is a movie star in a short trailer. Watch Rolling Stone

The HBO miniseries starring Alicia Vikander and Irma Vape won a trailer this Tuesday 17

series from HBO,Irma Vape (2022) Won Trailer This Tuesday, 17. Production Stars Alicia Vikanderwho plays an American movie star who is disillusioned with her career.

in production, Vikander translate research, A disappointed movie star arrived in France after his recent separation to play the title role Irma Vape In a remake of the classic French silent film, Why vampires (1915). Irma Vape She unfolds the uncertain terrain of the border between fantasy and reality by fusing her character with that of her character.

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The series is produced by A24, and has Olivier Assayas As a director and screenwriter. Next to VikanderVincent McCainAnd And Devon RossAnd Lars EdingerAnd Vincent LacosteAnd Nora HamzawyAnd Adria ArjunaAnd Carrie BrownsteinAnd Tom SturridgeAnd Hippolyte GirardotAnd Alex DecasAnd Antoine Reinarts And more than that, part of the cast.

Irma Vapereach to HBO And HBO Max On June 6th. Check out the trailer for the short series:

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