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Alice Wegman Defends Armando Babaiov, Criticizes Digital Influencers on TV

Alice Wegman Defends Armando Babaiov, Criticizes Digital Influencers on TV

actress Alice Wegman He used his Instagram account on Tuesday the 9th of this month to defend actor Armando Babaiov, who became a topic on social media after venting about losing space to digital influencers on television.

“Once, a long time ago, I auditioned with Babaev for the movie Karim. We didn’t pass. But I think it was one of the coolest auditions I’ve ever done in my life. I saw him on stage at Tom na Fazenda and I was really impressed. He spoke so well here. Thank you, bro!”, Wiegman wrote about the actor in an Instagram story.

And then, she took the opportunity to support the criticism. “I am an actress. After being a human being, a citizen, a woman, I became an actress. Inspired by Babayov’s speech that I published in the stories, I want to talk about our future. We are a generation that has to graduate in medicine and Instagram. In psychology and Instagram. In acting and Instagram. I have been working in the theater for 4 years and I have been in this profession for 17 years. I have already learned about Shakespeare, but they never taught me how to be an IT girl,” she said.

“I love fashion. I love influencing you to read more books, watch more plays, listen to more music. I keep sharing what I love every day, but for a while now everyone has been so anxious. This is a comforting post, because I believe that art resists all crises, wars, and epidemics. It will resist the Internet epidemic. A brand recently contacted me because they said my page was beautiful, but they didn’t even know what the actress represents for their country,” the actress said.

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“A career is built over the long term, and good actors are those who survive. I am still figuring out how to reconcile my true profession with this second profession that the world has forced me to. This is an honest account of someone who sometimes gets a little lost. I am many and I want to be all of them, but above all I want to be the real Alice. Soon I will start my next adventure and shoot a month and a half in northern Brazil, meeting people I have never met before, living stories I have never told before. I recently listened to Claudia Abreu, I listened to Denis Fraga, I listened to Marita Severo, I listened to Zizi Mota, I listened to Fernanda Montenegro. Then I understood even more strongly: I am an actress. This is who I am. “The rest of me is still silent,” he concluded.

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During his participation in the program “Sem Censura”, on TV Brasil, presented by Sissa Guimarães, Armando Babayov criticized the priority given to the selection of influencers in series and audiovisual productions.

“There is a place that has removed the artist so much, and especially today, we see a number of people who do not belong to this shore and do not belong to it. I understand that in this place there has always been the beautiful and beautiful character who occupies there, the person who is not from there, but occupies the place of beauty on the television screen, who enters this capitalism, but man, the person who announced that the one who pays the bill every month is us.

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