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Alan Al values ​​CRB's relationship with Coritiba and repeats: 'We'll get access' |  crb

Alan Al values ​​CRB’s relationship with Coritiba and repeats: ‘We’ll get access’ | crb

Coach Alan Al was echoing the speech at CRB’s recent press conferences. An optimist, he always talks about getting through, even in the face of a string of poor results in the second division.

This Tuesday, the team drew 1-1 with leaders Curitiba, at the Re Pelé Stadium, and reached five games without winning the tournament. The result did not shake the coach, but on the contrary. After the match, he analyzed the performance of CRB, He saw the good side of the match and assessed his point.

– We will be able to provide more details about the importance of these points that the team sought, even if it was not happy with the result, because CRB has always sought victory. It is the evaluation of the result against the team leading the championship as well as for the performance.

Highlights: CRB 1 x 1 Coritiba, Round 32 of the Brazilians

The coach emphasized that scoring is important to stay close to the front group.

– But I think the important thing is that we always score. It’s far from home, at home, we obviously played and we’ll always play looking for the three points, today I got a little bit out of control, but I think scoring is always important.

– I think the important thing is to see that no matter what victory you deserved today, we are struggling to get there. And I’m convinced that, given the performance we gave today, the team will fight back and get that access. So our emotions must be on the rise. We are fighting for something big, we are not struggling to get out of the relegation zone or we are not interested in the championship, as is already the case in some teams. Our emotions should come this way.

The coach confirmed that Shabab Blanca was better in the match against the leaders of the tournament.

– It is clear that we sought victory and deserved to win and played a football striker and involved the opponent … We surrounded Curitiba and scored the goal and missed some chances and if there was a team that deserved to win it is the CRB football player.

CRB x Coritiba – Photo: Ailton Cruz / Gazeta de Alagoas

When asked what the team lacks to make better use of the opportunities, the coach answered:

He lacked more calm, whimsy in that last pass, in delivery… we cornered Coritiba, which is unnatural for Coritiba’s drag, and we engaged more with team advantage than suggesting their play … Each time Coritiba tried to leave the game we were able to create more volume, so we lacked a little peace of mind to turn Opportunities created into goals.

Alan Al admitted that there was a CRB failure on Curitiba’s goal.

– We took the target in a movement we knew was typical of them, transverse on the side of the field, and in our reluctance to minimize the origin of this cross, we ended up creating the target. But I say again: based on the performance we’ve had here, I think we’ll go up, we’ll fight to the end. It is something we will not give up, it is something for the benefit of everyone who works.

CRB remained fifth in the Brazilian national team, now with 51 points. The team returns to play in the second division on November 4, when they welcome Sampaio Correa at Re Pele.