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Al Duhail bids farewell to Dudu and Palmeiras may try to anticipate the return of the striker |  Palm trees

Al Duhail bids farewell to Dudu and Palmeiras may try to anticipate the return of the striker | Palm trees

Al-Duhail from Qatar posted on its official website last Friday a farewell message and thanks to striker Dudu, who is on loan from the State of Qatar. Palm trees Until June 30. But what changed in that on his return to Verdau?

The post alone doesn’t mean anything, but it can help to get back to Dudu’s training at Palmeiras a little earlier.

With the “released” to the public by Al Duhail, Verdão’s board must deal with the player in the coming days about the possibility of his re-introduction this month.

Dudu in Al Rayyan vs Al Duhail – Photo: Al Duhail / Disclosure

For this to happen, however, some steps are needed. The loan contract between Dudu and the Qatari club has to be terminated, which has not yet happened – and it is essential to know Palmeiras.

Otherwise, in order to train at Verdau, who still has an active relationship with Al Duhail, the Qatari club must obtain an official permit.

There are still a number of legal issues that could involve this change, including the fact that the player is on vacation, and the need for a value agreement between Dudu and Al Duhail, among others.

Dudu trains under the supervision of a physical trainer in Palmeiras

Meanwhile, Dodo in Brazil continues to do special training, under the guidance of coach Thiago Maldonado, of Palmeiras. But this is a separate function between the two, without the club’s involvement, as they have done at other moments in the athlete’s career.

It is noteworthy that even if Doudou manages to return to training with the Palmeiras team ahead of schedule, there is no possibility that he will be able to play matches sooner than expected.

It has been determined that he will only play from August 1, which is the time the international transfer window opens.

Check out Al Duhail’s thank you to Dodo below:

“The club’s management thanks the former professional player Eduardo Pereira Rodriguez (Dodo) after the end of the loan period in Palmeiras for the effort he made to the team throughout his stay and wishes him success in his next match.”

– Photo: ge.globo