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AirPods may work just like hearing aids

AirPods may work just like hearing aids

Replacing your expensive hearing aids with AirPods sounds like one big joke, but it’s the truth. Come and find out how this is possible.

Did you know that file AirPods Do you have the ability to perform as well as hearing aids for people with hearing loss? The discovery occurred shortly after a comparison – with a series of tests – of previously manufactured headphones An apple and traditional devices. Come and think a little about this news and the benefits for people with mild and moderate hearing loss who can’t afford to spend much.

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AirPods are an alternative for those who do not have access to hearing aids

A discovery like this is a real milestone in the lives of thousands of people who need to use hearing aids, but cannot access them because of the cost, which is unaffordable. According to the otolaryngologist who participated in this study, headphones are not as perfect as the devices have been developed, but they are a great alternative for those who cannot afford a professional hearing aid.

About 21 participants with mild and moderate hearing loss have been through a wave of tests using premium hearing aids, basic hearing aids, AirPods Pro, and AirPods 2. It is worth mentioning that the headphones are connected to iPhones and connected to the Ambient Noise Amplifier app.

The researchers read some sentences to the volunteers and they had to repeat them. In noisy environments, depending on the direction of noise, AirPods Pro can be compared to premium hearing aids. In quiet environments, headphones serve as premium hearing aids in addition to the primary devices. On the other hand, AirPods 2 did not improve hearing in any way when compared to hearing aids.

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What justifies this similarity in quality?

What makes the Pro Headset work like a professional device is technology Direct listening, as it is able to amplify sounds. There is talk of its ability to cancel active noise and detect and block some external sounds.