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Airline denies story published in Harry’s book and mocks Prince News

Airline denies story published in Harry’s book and mocks Prince News

Air New Zealand went to the New Zealand press to dismiss a quote made by Prince Harry in the New Zealand press Biography what’s left. In the book, the prince tells the story of a trip his father-in-law, Thomas Markle, took between Mexico and the United Kingdom, but the company is unaware of the route.

According to Harry, Meghan Markle bought a first-class ticket for her father, who was in Mexico, on Air New Zealand. Still according to the Duke of Sussex, the wife did it so that Thomas could flee the country because an alleged persecution by the press was about to begin.

“We told him, ‘Get out of Mexico now: a new level of harassment is about to descend upon you, so come to Britain. Now,'” he tells Harry in an excerpt from his autobiography.

In turn, Air New Zealand announced that the denial of Prince’s story. Contacted by the local New Zealand Herald, the airline said it does not operate any routes between Mexico, where Thomas is allegedly staying, and the UK.

Still according to New Zealanders, there is no first class in the company, as Harry said in the book.

Playing with the story, Air New Zealand took to Twitter to say it would soon implement the “Sussex Class”, a reference to Harry and Meghan’s noble title.

The tweet was the subject of jokes, but also criticism from some netizens, who pointed out the New Zealand company’s lack of professionalism.

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