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Aguero is more dangerous than expected and may have to quit football, according to the radio

Aguero is more dangerous than expected and may have to quit football, according to the radio

According to information revealed by Catalonia Radio, Sergio Aguero suffers from a more serious arrhythmia than expected and may have to retire from football.

NS Barcelona He lives moments of anxiety about Sergio Aguero. According to the information that was revealed on Friday (12) by Catalonia Radio, the attacker may be forced to end his career due to an irregular heartbeat. The Argentine situation will be more dangerous than expected.

According to the Spanish car, the new tests conducted by the player indicate that the type of problem that exists in the heart of the Argentine is incompatible with high-performance sports, making it impossible for the athlete to return to the field.

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The information has not been confirmed by Barcelona or even by Aguero’s staff, who must not take a position before the deadline set by the club. And the committee revealed in a statement, after detailing the striker’s position, that the Argentine will be out of action for three months to receive treatment that will allow him to return to the team.

Also depends on the account Catalonia RadioThe athlete is aware of the situation and there is a pessimistic scenario about his future in football. However, no decision has been taken in this regard yet. The player must undergo new tests and exams soon to obtain a more detailed diagnosis.

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Sergio Aguero was substituted even before the end of the first half Do not draw 1 to 1 between Barcelona and Alaves in the League, last October 30. The Argentine reported pain in the rib cage and neck and was taken to hospital.

After checkups, she was diagnosed with arrhythmia, a disorder of the heart rhythm. The player had already experienced the problem at the age of 12.

Player Kun Agüero underwent a diagnostic and therapeutic procedure under the responsibility of Dr. Josep Brugada. He will be absent for the next three months, as he is being re-evaluated to see how effective the treatment will be to determine the recovery process,” Barcelona posted.