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Agricultural production in the Northeast is losing value

Agricultural production in the Northeast is losing value

Gross production value (GPV) of agriculture in the Northeast The volume in 2023 is expected to reach R$104 billion, according to the Ministry of Agriculture. This is about R$9 billion less, compared to R$113 billion in the previous year. The decline of 8% marks the first year of President Lula’s third term.

The drop came amid falling production values Agriculture from five of the nine states in the region the Northeast. The highlight was Bahia, which lost 14%. It accounts for nearly half of the wealth generated from the state’s crops and pastures.


The second largest decline was in Maranhão (-9%). In the sequence are Piauí (-5.7%), Sergipe (-5.2%) and Pernambuco (-2%). Added to the producers of Bahia, they account for 85% of the total number in the region.

Pioneer in agriculture in the Northeast

As in the rest of Brazil, soybeans are the leading agribusiness in the region. These grains account for 30% of the total wealth generated locally in the countryside.

In the 2022 harvest, soybean crops in the Northeast produced R$38.4 billion. The projected amount for 2023 is R$31.5 billion. That is about 12% smaller.

At the same time, domestic agriculture lost R$8.6 billion, dropping to R$83.6 billion. To get to the number, the federal government evaluates the harvest of 19 cultures.

The number on livestock, in turn, consists of four activities. They produce cows, pigs, chickens, milk and eggs. Combined, they should reach R$23 billion in 2023 – which is 6% less than the previous year.

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Looking at the entire country, rural production should close in 2023 at R$1.148 trillion, a record high on official records. So, the value agriculture in the Northeast It accounts for 9% of the total wealth generated by agriculture and livestock in Brazil.