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After the nonsense rumors, Leticia Buffoni spoke about her relationship with Kelvin Hoefler: “He doesn’t like being with us”; The medalist also appears

At dawn on Sunday (25), Brazil won its first medal in Tokyo Olympics! Kelvin Hoefler took the silver in street skating and made the Brazilians Night with this achievement. However, the coldest celebration of Letizia Buffoni, an athlete, interested many fans … Paying attention to the hype that quickly gained strength on the Web, she spoke about the case on Instagram, admitting that she is not very close to her compatriot.

“Guys, people ask me why I don’t put Kelvin in my stories. I’ll explain. Kelvin, from what I’ve noticed, has never been with us on Lists, he’s never part of our activities because of his choice. Nobody has anything against him, on the contrary. Everyone here celebrates Brazil’s winning of a medal, the first of these Olympic Games. I really respect his story, but unfortunately he does not like to be with us, he does not participate in our activities ”, announced.

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“A great example is that CBSK, the Brazilian skating federation, can’t even feature him in stories, because he banned CBSK. So it’s not my choice, it’s his choice. He doesn’t want to be with us,” He went on to say afterwards that despite everything he was pleased with Kelvin’s achievement.

“But no matter what, skateboarding is family. We support everyone and obviously we always want Brazil to be on top of the podium. We were there cheering him on and watching the action in the sun and we are so happy he got a medal. The kid deserves it, he has He walked a lot and put on a show.”Letícia is finished. Watch:

Kelvin, in turn, did not respond directly to Leticia’s speeches. However, during that morning (Brasilia time), the medalist posted an Instagram story in which he appeared eating with the Brazilian Ski Federation’s physical therapist, Carlos Barreto, and skater Giovanni Viana. “Dining with the family”, wrote in the explanation of the publication. Another detail that did not go unnoticed is the fact that Hoefler tagged Team Brazil and CBSK, a confederation that according to Buffoni, the athlete could have banned. research:

In a conversation with TV Globo, Kelvin also said that he had a close friendship with the skater, but that this was lost over time: “I grew up with Leticia too, her aunt lived down the street from my house. After a while, we were very close, I went to the States and stayed in Brazil. When we met again, we lost some contact. It’s the same family, I’m quieter, more in my corner, Well in my house, I don’t really like to exaggerate. I’m calmer, I like to analyze things.”

Other struggles

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According to a UOL report, there is a division within the skateboarding team, which includes CBSK. This would have been evident during this Sunday’s Kelvin race, which was led by his friend and world champion, Pamela Rosa, and his wife, via mobile, and not by the technical selection committee, chaired by Ruggiero Mancha.

Kelvin and Pamela’s uneasiness with managing CBSK has been around for some time and has been even more evident in preparation for the selection for the Olympics, which were held in the United States. Both felt discredited regarding a group closer to President Duda Musa, who would have enjoyed perks, such as access to their family and coaches.

But the final straw came two weeks ago, when the athletes were already focused on the Olympic group and Kelvin and Pamela requested permission to participate in the X Games in California. As verified in the report, the federation leadership claimed that all skaters needed to travel to Japan together and, therefore, would not be able to compete in the United States. However, when X-Games started, they knew Letícia was there, without having Pamela or Rayssa Leal – another member of the Brazilian street skating team – as opponents. Bufoni won the competition and also a great cash prize.

The understanding that the Confederates had overtaken Kelvin was also reinforced by a comment made by the skater’s father, Ignace Hoefler, on the Confederate’s Instagram, after the medal: “Will you respect my son now, or will you continue to look down on him? It is obvious what you are doing. This silver medal represents all his effort and dedication. You should be more impartial. It is a shame what they are doing to my son.”.

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