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After the controversy on Twitter, will Elon Musk release a smartphone?

After the controversy on Twitter, will Elon Musk release a smartphone?

Elon Musk She said she would look into launching an alternative smartphone platform to compete Iphone it’s the android If Apple and Google kick Twitter out of their app stores.

Weeks after the $44 billion acquisition of Elon Musk, Twitter has reinstated the accounts of a slew of shadowy figures previously banned from the platform for hate speech and misinformation.

Since then, many observers have worried that this could turn Twitter into a hellish spectacle and even more toxic than it already is.

Musk recently said he would consider launching his own platform for his smartphone and made a comment in response to Twitter user and right-wing commentator Liz Wheeler who asked if he wanted to build his own smartphone if Apple and Google removed Twitter from their app stores.

In response to the question, Musk said he did not expect companies to remove Twitter from their storefronts. However, if things got to that point, he would stay with him “There is no other choice” Other than throwing “Alternate Phone”.

Since then, Musk has posted several tweets against Apple and claimed that the iPhone maker threatened to kick Twitter off the App Store without providing any reason or evidence.

Check out the tweet:

Twitter can also be suspended for content violations

Yoel Roth, opinion piece on The New York Times Claiming that Twitter was in danger of being kicked out of the Apple and Google app stores to become a free-for-all without reasonable content moderation.

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According to the author:

“Failure to comply with Apple’s and Google’s guidelines would be disastrous, risking Twitter being kicked out of its app stores and making it difficult for billions of potential users to gain access to Twitter’s services.”