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After takeoff, the pilots discovered that the cat had invaded the plane’s cockpit.  Listen to current connections

After takeoff, the pilots discovered that the cat had invaded the plane’s cockpit. Listen to current connections

Illustrative – Source: PxHere / Public Domain

A recording of air traffic control radio communications shows that the flight had to return to its home airport shortly after takeoff because the pilots detected a cat on board.

In the player below it is possible to use the menu in the corner of the video to add subtitles and activate the automatic translation of the subtitles into Portuguese, since the connections are in English. Below the player is more information about the mode.

As we could see in the message at the beginning of the recording above, the pilot reported to VASAviation that a stray cat managed to climb aboard the plane at some point while the cargo was being loaded and hide behind the rudder control pedals.

However, his presence was discovered only after takeoff, when he crawled out of the area and then sat down on the circuit breaker panel on the left side of the cockpit, which led to the decision to return to Laredo Airport, Texas, United States.

According to the communications heard in the video, Flight 7245 was of Ameriflight, a regional cargo airline that has a fleet of more than 150 Beechcraft 1900, Beechcraft 99, Saab 340, Embraer 120 Brasília and Fairchild SA227 Metroliner turboprops.

The pilot responded after the air traffic controller said goodbye and wished a “safe flight” “we have to go back”And explain: “We have an uninvited visitor on the plane. Somehow the cat got into the plane.”

Despite the clarification, after instructions to return and land, with the plane already in the apron, the controller asked: “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to ask while you were doing your tricks, but I just didn’t understand why you came back. It had nothing to do with flight safety, right?”

The pilot’s response was not heard because, with the aircraft still on the ground, communication had not been picked up, however, the final messages from the control unit were: “A cat? Like cats? (…) Cool! (…) Ten years of experience and nothing like that has ever happened to me. Well, tell me if you need any help, if you need the airport police to come or something last “.

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