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After suffering from cancer, King Charles takes steps to see his grandchildren in the United States

After suffering from cancer, King Charles takes steps to see his grandchildren in the United States

King Charles III has had few opportunities to be with his grandchildren, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet. According to The Mirror, the king misses being close to Harry’s children and may be planning to visit the United States in the future.

Although he has a close relationship with Prince William’s children – George, Charlotte and Louis – Charles has only met Lilybet once and has only seen Archie a handful of times.

According to royal expert Tom Quinn, heard by The Mirror, Charles is frustrated by the distance and only sees Archie and Lilibet through occasional video calls from his parents’ mansion in Montecito. He wants a closer relationship with them, and Queen Camilla has encouraged these efforts, including sending Lilibet a heartfelt gift and card on her third birthday in early June.

Harry was reluctant to take his children to visit family in the UK due to his legal battle with the Home Office over his loss of police protection in the country. He told the court his children could not “feel at home” in the UK if they “could not be kept safe” there.

Tom Quinn said Charles was discussing a possible visit to the United States. “Charles has discussed making an official visit to the United States at some point in the future, and there is no doubt that if that happened he would make time to visit his youngest son and grandchildren. However, a lot of planning is needed before this becomes possible.”

“King Charles has previously made private visits to other countries – such as an unannounced visit to Transylvania to check on his rental properties – so it is certainly possible that he could pay a secret visit to Harry and the children in California. He is desperate to see them and hates the idea that Archie and Lilibet will not remember him as a warm grandfather.” As friendly as he wants to be.

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Additionally, Quinn reported that Harry is looking for a “detached Georgian house” near his father’s estate in Highgrove. There is speculation that the Duke of Sussex is house hunting in the UK, especially after reports that Charles wants to spend more time with his grandchildren. Quinn said: “Harry has spent a lot of time trying to decide what kind of base he could set up in the UK. He has no experience living anywhere other than sheltered homes away from the public, so he faces a big problem. And every house he looks at flaws.

Cancer diagnosis

On January 17, Buckingham Palace confirmed that King Charles was in clinic in London To perform a ‘corrective procedure’ for benign prostatic hyperplasia. The tumor was discovered after a medical examination while at his residence in Birkhall, in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.

Charles was hospitalized for three days in the health unit and was discharged on the 29th of that month. At the time, there were reports that he was “fine” and that Kate Middleton had undergone successful abdominal surgery. The princess was released and after that the king left the unit.

During treatment, A “form of cancer” has been identified. That’s why the king has been taken care of ever since.

On April 30, He returned to public lifeAs announced by Buckingham Palace. The text stressed that “next commitments will be adjusted as necessary to reduce any risks that may threaten Her Majesty’s continued recovery.”

After the surgery, Kate underwent post-operative tests that confirmed the presence of cancer cells. The diagnosis was revealed in March, at which time she also said she was passing Preventive chemotherapy.

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“To everyone facing this disease, whatever its form, please do not lose faith or hope. You are not alone,” the Princess said. At the time, a Kensington Palace spokesperson told the British press that “the Princess is focused on her treatment and her full recovery.”