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After Shows Postponed, MC Marcinho Says He Needs Another Heart Surgery | News

Funk singer MC Marcinho, 45, used his Instagram account, on Monday evening (20), to reveal that he will need to undergo another heart surgery. On the last 10th, a statement was released that he will be canceling his concert schedule due to health reasons.

MC Marcinho says he needs another heart surgery

“Guys, I need to have heart surgery and I’m waiting @bradescosaude [Bradesco Saúde] This does not release my action. I’m weak and jaded and I need to get back to my life, it’s my job. Help me by sharing this video and tagging @bradescosaude so I can enjoy a quality of life and end my suffering. A kiss from your friend Mac Marcineau,” said he, who also campaigned for the attention of his health plan, which would not have triggered the procedure.

Bradesco Saúde replied, “Hi, good afternoon! We ask that you contact us privately, as we need some personal data to continue serving you.” In this position, Marcinho has the support of many other celebrities, such as Pushcha, Jojo Todinho that it MC Carroll.

“In view of the heart treatment, which our dear MC Marcinho is undergoing, we inform you that events that depend on air travel will need to be rescheduled in accordance with medical recommendations. We count on the affection, understanding and prayers of all who love us,” said the statement, which was issued on the tenth of the month, when it was canceled. Marcinio Presentations.

At that time, Marcinho discovered that he was also suffering from pulmonary edema (water in the lungs). “In addition to the heart problem, doctors detected water in his lungs (pulmonary edema) and treated him for it, recommending that he take a rest and avoid getting on the plane. We have issued a statement today (Friday the 10th) to notify contractors in other states, and for those in Rio De Janeiro, he should be back singing next week,” said Marcinho’s advisor.

In August 2021, Marcinho underwent a procedure to place a pacemaker. Two years earlier, he had a heart attack and was hospitalized. In February 2021, the singer slipped into a coma for four days due to a bacterial infection in his left foot, which also caused lung, heart and orthopedic complications.

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“I’m still in the hospital. My health, thank God, is back. I’m fine. My problem now is just the foot. I’m doing some procedures on the foot, because bacteria got in through it and it all happened: my lungs decompensated, my heart stopped compensating and I ended up being intubated for a while.” Four days,” Marcinho said at the time.

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Statement about MC Marcinho on March 10 – Image: Instagram reproduction

MC Marcinho – Image: Instagram reproduction