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After Rodrigao, Rueda cleans up the cast and the Santos duo leave

After Rodrigao, Rueda cleans up the cast and the Santos duo leave

a Santos, while still considering reinforcements, is also prioritizing the departure of players who are not in the coaching staff’s plans and are still costly. Santos head, Andres RuedaDaily conversations with coach Fernando Dinez to speed up the planning and thus resolve these differences which are deemed necessary.

after departure Rodrigao, who called the days in Alfinegro Praiano is the defender Clipper Race And the midfielder Raphael Longuen. The first trains are separated and there is no opportunity to return the train. On the other hand, Longuine has recently recovered from an injury, but there is also no interest in using her in this second half.

according to the portalto the Tribune“, Peixão is trying to loan players or even terminate contracts amicably. Thus, the club will be able to significantly reduce payroll, and get more revenue for specific reinforcements requested by Diniz.

Peixão’s current coach has carte blanche to order and order players to leave. The coach also has the players’ confidence and the atmosphere at Villa Belmeiro is very good. reinforcements On the agenda, the situation in Gus continues to cause concern behind the scenes.

The midfielder wants to return to the club, but there is no official yet Business. Advisers do not view this type of business favorably, but it is Rueda who will make the final decision as to whether or not the medal will arrive.

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