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After many setbacks, Brazil reinforces its embassy in Ukraine |  Natoza Neri's blog

After many setbacks, Brazil reinforces its embassy in Ukraine | Natoza Neri’s blog

As a result, Ambassador Lino Bobo de Paula, experienced in crisis situations, will be sent there.

Earlier , Articles They were alerted about the possible departure of the current Brazilian ambassador to Ukraine, Norton de Andrade Rabesta, and about the new mission of Liño Bobo de Paula.

Then the reporter Nelson Clava sought the chancellor Carlos Franca, who denied the departure of his colleague, But he confirmed the departure of Lino de Paula to strengthen the team of diplomats in Ukraine.

The Brazilian diplomacy has received a lot of criticism The way you did in the days before the bombings. It took some time for the embassy to start working more effectively in removing Brazilians from the country. Part of this negative assessment is put to the credit of Norton Rabesta, who gave interviews saying that Brazilians in Ukraine had nothing to worry about.

However, the post that Rapesta could have done was not good enough. He appeared on social media with a bottle of whiskey. The post even said that after a day of hard work, he’d end up taking a dose from his bottle. Many diplomats considered this extremely inappropriate. This illustrates the evaluation of the Brazilian government’s performance in the early days of the conflict.

The expulsion of the Brazilians was not the best. That is why France will send reinforcements to Ukraine.

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