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After getting rid of the Dogão character, Sidney Magal reveals a problem with The Masked Singer TV News

After getting rid of the Dogão character, Sidney Magal reveals a problem with The Masked Singer TV News

by Dogan PassSidney Magal had some problems while participating in The Masked Singer Brasil. This Wednesday (11) the first survey from the reality show revealed the difficulties behind the scenes, such as the heat and limitations within the costumes.

“It was cute and hot! (laughs) I’m a big person [1,90 de altura], The clothes are a little limited. This big shoe, I’ve trained the steps before so I don’t get in the way. “I couldn’t dance much, I couldn’t move my waist, but it was an experience I had never had before,” Magal said in an interview published by Globo to the press.

Classic owner Sandra Rosa Madalena said that one of the The biggest challenge was actually training and assembling the choreography While wearing a sweatshirt, gloves and face shield. “I’ve got a Bahia atmosphere inside of me. I was wearing a sweatshirt that said ‘Don’t talk to me’ and all I thought all day was ‘Talk to me,’ and I love talking,” he said.

“stay here Inside this outfit waiting for people to recognize meSometimes I get itchy when I reach into a person’s ear and say, “It’s Sydney Magal!” But I couldn’t, and that was really cool. When someone approached me and said, “I doubt it’s Majal.” I couldn’t say it, but I thought, ‘Wow! They know me.”

During identificationMagal confirmed that he accepted the invitation to honor his granddaughter Maddalena: “My daughter swears she didn’t choose the name because of the song, but I know that deep down it was a salute. Today my granddaughter woke up and her parents put her on the TV show to watch, and I was amazed during the show”

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“When I took her head and they said ‘Sydney Magal,’ she played on TV and she said, ‘Grandpa.’ I think, deep down, she will still be very emotional when she sees that things in the house are done with so much love, as I would like it to be with humanity,” the veteran shared.

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