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Skatista Nyjah Huston

After frustration at the Olympics, Nia Houston says mental health is a ‘priority’

Skater Nyjah Huston came second after last in the street skating final
Photo: Ben Curtis/AP

a star skating Then the Olympic gold favorite, American Nia Houston cared for his defeat on Sunday (25) in the men’s street event, in the class’s debut at the . the OlympicsApologizing to their fans and praising the importance of athletes taking care of their mental health after competitions.

“I’ve had a lot of upsides in my career over the years, but I’ve also had some really bad moments and that’s something I’ve always struggled with mentally and trying to be better,” the skater told his 4.8 million fans on Instagram.

Huston, the world’s No. 1 street skater, came in seventh in the Sunday event after failing to get any of the last four tricks right. Fellow American Jagger Eaton won the bronze in the event, while Japan’s Yuto Horigumi took the gold and Brazil’s Kelvin Hoefler took the silver.


In the past, Heston said, he would sometimes self-isolate or “swallow” alcohol after disappointing competitions in hopes of making things better. Now, however, the athlete has told his Instagram followers that mental health is above all the most important thing.

Athletes’ mental health was on top after tennis champion Naomi Osaka withdrew from the French Open in June to focus on her mental health. Osaka’s decision was initially met with hostility from the organizers, but it ended up getting widespread support from athletes and fans.

Nyjah Huston failed in his last four attempts
Photo: Jae C. Hong / AP

Expressing his love for skating, Huston wrote, “Because in the end I don’t skate to be the best, or to be famous, or to make money, or to be an Olympic athlete.” “It’s the funniest thing on earth.”

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