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Supporters of Peruvian presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori protest against the imminent victory of leftist teacher Pedro Castillo in Lima, Peru. Photo: Alessandro Cinque/Reuters

After criticizing Castillo, Bolsonaro salutes Peruvian president-elect

BRASILIA – President Jair Bolsonaro on Tuesday received Peru’s elected president, Pedro Castillo, and stated that the Brazilian government is ready to work with the new Peruvian authorities. A different tone than last month when slam Bolsonaro Castillo’s likely victory.

O cumprimento a Castillo foi publicada na tarde desta terça-feira na conta da Secretaria de Comunicaçõe Social (Secom) da Presidência no Twitter, e não na própria conta de Bolsonaro, como ocorreu em outros casos semelhantes.

Context: The Peruvian Electoral Court has declared Pedro Castillo president after Kiko’s latest appeal was rejected

“I congratulate Mr. Pedro Castillo Tironez on his election to the presidency of Peru. I reaffirm the Brazilian government’s readiness to work with the Peruvian authorities to strengthen the bonds of friendship and cooperation between our two countries. Congratulations to the Peruvian people!”

Last month, days after the Peruvian election, Bolsonaro claimed that only a “miracle” would prevent a Castillo victory and criticized his ties to the left.

We agree to disagree: Is Pedro Castillo’s victory in Peru a victory for the left?

– We have now lost Peru. He’s back, apparently, there’s 1% missing there, just a miracle to be reversed, a guy from the São Paulo Forum will resume – Bolsonaro said during a service in Annapolis (GO).

Peru’s National Election Arbitration Commission (JNE), the country’s highest level of electoral justice, on Monday announced Castillo as the new president of Peru, a month and a half after the second round of elections, on June 6. The announcement came hours after the plenary unanimously rejected five other appeals filed by Keiko Fujimori’s People’s Forces Party over the weekend.

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In all, the court reviewed and rejected more than 270 requests by Keiko Fujimori to overturn her opponent’s votes. According to official results, the Peruvian Liberal candidate received 50.12% of the vote on June 6, compared to 49.87% for Fujimori, which is a difference of just over 44,000 votes. Hours before Castillo’s announcement, Fujimori announced that he recognized the results “because that is what the law and the constitution determine.”