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After being hospitalized, Preeta Gill updates her health condition and reveals a new diagnosis

After being hospitalized, Preeta Gill updates her health condition and reveals a new diagnosis

After four days in the hospital, Preeta Gill took to social media on Monday (10) to update on her health condition. The singer said that she has already been discharged from the hospital and is at home, but she warned about her new diagnosis – six months after confirming that she was cured of cancer.

Britta reported on the onset of pain and how she found out what the disease was. “I was diagnosed with pyelonephritis, which is a kidney infection. In my case, in the right kidney. Last week, Tuesday (4), I felt severe pain in my right side and at that moment I associated it with muscle pain. I didn’t understand,” the singer said. “It may be a kidney problem.”

She explained that going to the doctor took time at the expense of her work schedule: “I spoke with some doctors, and they prescribed me some painkillers. I took them and continued my life. The doctors asked me: “You have to go to the hospital, we have to do an examination.” I prioritized my work schedule because I had a lot of work that week.

“So I worked on Tuesday and Wednesday and when I left the program at On Thursday I had to go to São João da Thai, where I was going to perform on Friday. Britta Gill added: “Unfortunately, I was unable to board the plane due to the severe pain I was feeling and then I finally went to the hospital.”

According to her, Doctors had to take necessary measures for treatment. “There at the hospital they started a series of tests, at first they suspected it might be a kidney stone, and it was flushed out. Then, with additional tests, we arrived at the diagnosis of pyelonephritis and I had to put a double J, which is a catheter into the ureter so we could Relieve the fibrosis I suffer from in the ureter on the right side.”

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Britta Gill confirmed that after the “fear” she will recover at home. “So all of this led to a lot of pain, infection, fever and a four-day stay in the hospital. I’m already home, I’ve had a double J, and now I’ll be recovering at home with oral antibiotics, resting, but soon I’ll be firm and strong.” On Thursday I will present the TVZ program if I feel good because it is a program that does not require much physical effort from me and the following week I will still be out of the house, but I will also be able to present the program and that’s it, another panic and it happens.

She warned: “It happened to me and the warning to everyone is the usual: drink plenty of water, I often forget to drink water, take care of yourself, listen to your body, if there is a sign of severe pain no.” I don’t think this is nonsense, don’t treat yourself, see a doctor, go to a health center, hospital because it could be something more serious. In my case, if I had not gone to the doctor at that time, with this pain, it could have become a bigger infection.

Cancer diagnosis

Britta was diagnosed with bowel cancer on January 10, 2023. At the time, she wrote on social media: “For the past six days, I have been hospitalized at the Clinica São Vicente, in Rio de Janeiro, because of the discomfort I was feeling, and thank God, today I received a final diagnosis. I suffer from adenocarcinoma in the last part From the gut I will start my treatment next Monday and I am counting on everyone’s energy to stay calm and confident.

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During this period the artist faced delicate moments. And in the month of March, she rose She was unconscious for four hours and required resuscitation after sepsis. Moreover, in the meantime, she ended her eight-year relationship with the physical trainer Rodrigo Godoy, who cheated on her with a former employee.

In August, Britta underwent surgery in August 2023 and has been since Necessary to use an ileostomy bag. “Yes, I use an ileostomy bag and I am not ashamed to show it, because this bag saved my life,” she said on social media.

In December, she underwent a new cancer surgery to repair the intestine and remove the pouch.

Shortly thereafter, on December 11, She announced a cure for cancer 12 months after his diagnosis. According to her, the cancer treatment has ended, although he is still in the rehabilitation stage. Now, the artist continues to undergo medical observation, which is common for patients in remission.