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“After Angelo, Santos agreed to negotiate with this player”; Fish is only demanding the release of a 29-year-old medallion


The athlete is liked by coaches Fernando Diniz and Paolo Pizzolano, both of whom want to strengthen the sector

Photo: Flickr Official Santos FC / Pedro Ernesto Guerra Azevedo – Ângelo

a saints I had high hopes of selling Angelo. but, The player himself said ‘no’ to Flamengo and was only open to leaving Villa Belmero if he was sent to Europe. Number 11 focuses on behind the scenes of CT Rei Pelé. He ensures that he wants to deliver on what he promised to the group of players.

like him, Alvinegro Praiano will need to resort to other methods if he really wants to trim the payroll and, at the same time, fall behind on positions that are Odair Hellmann’s priorities. If the prodigy agrees to go to Fla, for example, up to seven reinforcements can be plated into Baixada Santista.

After Angelo made a mistake, Santos agrees to negotiate with this player: Defender Luis Felipe. The 29-year-old’s medal is out of Odair’s plans, and teams like Cruzeiro and Fluminense are in pursuit of it. With the approval of Fernando Diniz and Paolo Pezzolano, the SFC has only one requirement for the athlete’s release.

Photo: Marcello Zambrana/AGIF – Luiz Felipe

Do you support the dismissal of Rueda in Santos?

Do you support the dismissal of Rueda in Santos?

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“Luis Felipe continues to participate normally in Santos’ training sessions. Peixe wanted to transfer responsibility for salaries to Cruzeiro, who wanted the division at this time to fit into the club’s financial planning. There was no agreement between the two parties, which made it difficult to settle,” Highlights a Globe Sports.

That is, Alvinegro wants to completely get rid of the salaries of the 2 shirt. The payroll will then remain with the person interested in closing with the athlete, who has a contract valid until December 2024 in Alçapão, but he himself does not want to sit out the agreement. The desire is to find a new career path and gain minutes on the pitch.

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