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After a goal in return, Marcinho snatched the 11th jersey at Cruzeiro: That’s lucky

After a goal in return, Marcinho snatched the 11th jersey at Cruzeiro: That’s lucky

Coach Felipe Concio kicked him out of the cast, Marino He came back to get a space in Sea trip With the arrival of Mozart Santos, he scored a 1-1 equalizer against Joyce, last Saturday, in Mineiro, for the third round of Series B. In 43 minutes of the second half, the midfielder received help from Bruno. And Jose hit his left foot in the corner of goalkeeper Tadeau.

Although the club is still poorly placed in the rankings – penultimate place, with just one point – Marcinho has raised his self-esteem by scoring. A little over a week ago, he was put on the layoff list, and he even started negotiations with the CSA.
“Nothing like day in and day out. I am happy to stay in Cruzeiro, I want to make history here, I think it was difficult this time when I couldn’t train with the group. But I was dedicated, I was training and I knew that at some point the opportunity would arise.”

“I am happy to enter the match and score my first goal in Mineiro. We went in search of victory, but he did not. Now we continue to work and, God willing, to get out of this situation and add as many points as possible in Series B.”

This Wednesday, at 9:30 p.m., he will face Cruzeiro Ponte Preta, in Moise Lucarelli, in Campinas, for the fourth round of Series B. On Saturday it will be time to visit Oberrio, at 7 pm, in Germano Kruger, in Ponta Grossa – PR. The goalkeeper stated that the group is focused on striving for victories to jump in the rankings.

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“This point (against Gois) was important for us to continue our goal. We have two important away games and we have to consider them as finals. Add as many away points as possible.”

Happy to return to the top, Marcinho asked to change the jersey number: he changed the number 95 to 11, which was already used by important athletes in Cruzeiro’s history, such as Hilton Oliveira, Josinho, Roberto Gacho, Alex Alves, Giovanni and Aristizbal.

“Since arriving in Cruzeiro, I dialed the number 11 that Boetker was already using يستخدم [que estava em negociaes com um clube dos Emirados rabes Unidos]. Now the opportunity presents itself, turned. Hopefully we can be lucky after the tournament so that we can be successful in the future.”

Mozart’s preference for a 4-2-3-1 tactical formation could make it easier for Marcinho to adapt to his midfield. In 2020, when he defended Sampaio Cora in Serie B, the 25-year-old scored eight goals and provided five assists in 37 matches.