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Afghanistan: UK already evacuates 9,000 people - News

Afghanistan: UK already evacuates 9,000 people – News

The minister told the Radio Times that when Taliban militants captured Kabul on August 15, British forces began to pull people out.

Dominic Robb said the Taliban could not prevent qualified Afghans like doctors from fleeing the country.

The Taliban, the head of the foreign ministry, cannot prevent the “refugee crisis” by placing roadblocks or “closing the border with Afghanistan.”

If the Taliban want to avoid a “brain drain”, they must find a way to attract other factions compared to the old Taliban. [que governaram o paĆ­s entre 1996 e 2011]Said the Minister.

Dominic Robb made the remarks after the leaders of the G7 nations [os mais ricos do mundo] Held a virtual meeting on Tuesday to resolve the Afghan crisis.

At the end of the meeting, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that after August 31, the G7 nations would demand that the Taliban allow a “safe passage” for anyone wishing to leave Afghanistan.

The entry of Taliban forces into Kabul on August 15 ended a two-decade-long military campaign led by the United States and was supported by its allies, including Portugal. Thousands of Afghans in Kabul want to leave the country and many are trying to reach the international airport in the Afghan capital, where the situation is chaotic.

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