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Caroline Nokes, representante das regiões de Romsey e Southampton North desde 2010

Adventures in history UK UK MP says Boris Johnson’s father abused her in 2003

Carolyn Knox talks about an unpleasant meeting with former Secretary of State Stanley Johnson

Supervised by Pavla Orlovas, Diego Lingel Posted on 11/16/2021 at 3:39 pm

Carolyn Knox, The father of the current Prime Minister has been accused by a member of the UK Parliament Boris Johnson, Stanley Johnson, During the Conservative Party convention in 2003, when they were still running for parliament, it was inappropriately touched.

As soon as the accusation took place Knox According to the UOL news website, the British broadcaster took part in a debate program on Sky News. Caroline, a member of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Women and Equality, explained Stanley Johnson He made indecent remarks and slapped her buttocks.

“I remember a prominent man who was the Deanbridge Conservative candidate in Devon and the Southampton North since 2010.

When asked what they were Caroline Reveal who that person is, the civil servant revealed that it is a question Stanley, Although he was never elected to the British Parliament, he was already a member of the European Parliament.

Stanley Johnson, Contact Sky Channel to comment on the claim Caroline, He said he did not try to explain the situation because he did not remember it.

“I totally don’t remember Carolyn Knox, But it is. And no comments, ”he said.

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