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Adventures in History ந்தில் In the UK, the bird flu patient was cured of zero

Alan Gosling, 79, was diagnosed with H5N1 in December, becoming the UK’s first victim.

December 22, 2021, British Alan GoslingThe 79-year-old tested positive for H5N1 bird flu after contracting the disease from his pet ducks. Last Friday, the 7th, however, he received good news: he had recovered and was well.

According to the Daily Mail, Gosling He was in isolation for three weeks because he had ‘patient zero’ for bird flu in the UK. Fortunately, however, a recent examination by the elderly showed that he no longer had the strains of the disease.

Now, Britain has left home and is waiting for his doctors’ permission to find his family. “It simply came to our notice then. I have no birds to talk to now, the ducks are gone, ”he explained.

After the disease is checked in the body, it turns out Allen, All its 160 ducks – including 20 ducks that lived in their home with the man – were removed from the property. “They were my family, I had some people here, they were so close,” Britt lamented for his animals.

Unfortunately, many animals Allen They were killed because they carried the H5N1 virus. According to the Daily Mail, although the disease kills millions of birds a year, bird flu is rarely transmitted to humans.

“I want to get my ducks back. I’m going to lose them like hell. I’m disgusted with the way they killed them.” Gosling. However, the disease has not changed the mindset of the retired train driver: although the bird flu patient in the UK has turned zero, he still wants to adopt more ducks.

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