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Adventures in History ஏன் Why US Presidents Forgive Turkeys?

Supervised by Ingredi Brunato, Diego Lingel Posted on 12/04/2021 at 9:00 am

Every year, on the fourth Thursday in November, the most famous in the United States “Thanksgiving Day“, In which they eat turkeys and thank you for being in their lives. Even this year, the date fell on November 25th.

The national holiday is often depicted in American television series and movies, so Brazilians often associate it with the idea of ​​a memorial date, however, in our country, it is not generally celebrated.

Another common feature of Thanksgiving is a hearty meal with a turkey for the main course. This tradition predates the period when the territory was still in existence British Colony, And the colonists, when the harvest was over, arranged great feasts to thank for the harvest they had received.

But if the birds usually go to the Americans’ tray on this date, why is it that US presidents have the habit of officially apologizing to the turkey on this date?

According to information echoed in a 2016 El País article, a copy of the country’s President’s mercy copy is being protected from being swallowed. And not only during the celebration, but throughout the life of the bird, which has the honorable chance of dying of old age.

Presidential apology

Although Thanksgiving Day has been celebrated throughout the United States for centuries, the turkey apology detail is the most recent addition, launched by the president in the 1980s.Ronald Reagan, As documented Official site Of the White House.

Ronald Reagan / Credit with Forgiven Turkey: Public Domain

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Then, George Bush (Father), in 1989 transformed the informal practice into a formal one, the first year he has been in office.

First of all, although the turkeys were again presented to the Presidential family in the fourth week of November, most of them were included in the bird menu.

Vin’s heirs Bush They continued the fun custom, which became very popular among Americans.

Barack ObamaIn particular, he decided to increase the amnesty during the eight years he lived in the White House, forgiving 2 turkeys instead of one. This choice came in response to your daughters’ request, Sasha e Malia.

Thanks for your move, Obama He was even able to make a funny achievement: he was the first American president to release more birds during his tenure.

Obama “blesses” with his hands, the joke / credit he makes during the ceremony each year: Public Domain

Finally, it is worth noting that individuals who are privileged to never end up in the stomachs of Americans are sent to specialized farms or sanctuaries for pardoned turkeys.

According to El Boyce, a farm located in Disneyland is the most common place, but one of the most famous is Mount Vernon, which was once home to the first president, who lived there. George Washington.