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Adherence to the first day of dengue vaccination in Santa Cruz is low

Adherence to the first day of dengue vaccination in Santa Cruz is low

Adherence to the first day of dengue vaccination in Santa Cruz is low

Isadora, 13, went to UBS Verena to receive her dengue vaccine

The dengue vaccination campaign, targeting exclusively children and adolescents aged 10 to 14 years, began on Thursday the 13th and had a low population adherence on the first day in Santa Cruz do Sul. The age group suggested by the Ministry of Health is due to the higher number of hospitalizations among this population. According to the Immunization Sector of the Municipal Health Administration (CISA), only 27 people requested the vaccine at health centers in the municipality.

At UBS Verena, in Bairro Santo Inacio, those who went to the unit to receive the vaccine are brothers Guilherme Wohlmann, 11, and Isadora, 13. They were accompanied by their mother, teacher Dearlie Marconato Woolman. “Here at home, we always prioritize science, because it is truly the best prevention method. We know the consequences of a disease like dengue, and my children were eager to receive the vaccine.”

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Santa Cruz do Sul is among 61 cities in Rio Grande do Sul covered by the vaccine, commercially called Qdenga, which works to combat dengue fever. 1,755 doses were provided to the municipality. According to Sisa, all health centers have the vaccine for application.

The full Qdenga regimen consists of two doses, given three months apart. Anyone who has had dengue fever should also get the vaccine, but the recommendation is to wait six months after infection. To obtain protection, it is necessary to present a vaccination card and an identity document containing a CPF or SUS card. Another guideline stipulates that children and adolescents must be accompanied by a guardian at the time of application.

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