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Adele leaves interview after reporter claims she hasn’t listened to her new album ’30’

An Australian TV reporter has been suspended for two weeks due to a false mistake. Matt Duran She traveled 16,000 kilometers from Sydney, Australia, to London only to interview Adele, who was part of a nearly $1 million deal between her Channel Seven Network and Sony, the British record label. The agreement included the private broadcasting rights of Oprah Winfrey With the singer, in addition to her two-hour show.

During the interview, Adele asked Doran what he thinks of his new album ’30’. That’s when Doran admitted he hadn’t heard the album yet. Because of her insults, Adele abandoned the interview and banned Sony, according to the “Daily Telegraph”, the channel from using the substance.

Just a mistake

Doran told the Australian newspaper he was “panicked” and “full of sadness” at what he said was just a mistake. “When I sat down to meet Adele, I didn’t know I got an email with a preview From the album,” he justified himself. He added, “It was a distraction rather than a deliberate insult.”

Doran also said that Adele acted calmly and that the interview, which was supposed to take 20 minutes, ended up being 29 minutes. Too bad he won’t be able to show anything.

Record year 2021

According to previous data from Billboard, Adele’s new album became the best-selling album of 2021 just three days after its release, which happened last Friday (19). The business already crossed the half-million sales mark on Sunday – exceeding the total sales of any album released in the past 11 months.

Unsurprisingly, their latest album “25” also posted record sales of 3.38 million copies in its opening week in the US six years ago. Work exceeded sales of “forever”, from Taylor Swift Which, despite being released last December, is still a bestseller. The album also surpassed sales of the extended version of Taylor’s “Red” album, released in 2012, but received a new version this month.

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