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Actress Teresa Amayo dies at 88 in Rio  Rio de Janeiro

Actress Teresa Amayo dies at 88 in Rio Rio de Janeiro

actress Theresa Amayo She died at the age of 88 in the early hours of Monday morning (age 24) at her home in Larangeras, in the southern region of Rio. She was battling cancer.

Teresa leaves two children and a granddaughter.

The family has not yet announced the date of awakening and burial.

Born in Belém, Teresa began her acting career on stage in Rio de Janeiro by Dulcinea de Moraes in 1950.

In the cinema, he portrayed with Anselmo Duarte (“O Diamante”, 1955) and Mazzaropi (“Fuzileiro do Amor”, 1957).

She was also a television pioneer in Brazil, working on the country’s first broadcaster, TV Tubi.

Teresa has starred in classic shows such as “Teatrinho Trol”, “Camera One” and “Histórias do Teatro Universal”.

The actress was one of the first recruits to TV Globo and starred in “O Rei dos Ciganos” (1966), “A Rainha Louca” (1967), “Sangue e Areia” (1968), “Passos dos Ventos” (1968) ), “Passos dos Ventos” (1968), “Sangue e Areia” (1968), The Last Waltz and “Capital Sin” (1975).

Teresa Amayo was the widow of polymath Mario Brasini (1921-1997), actor, author, director, producer, and inventor of electronic time. With Brasini, he created Teatro Permanente de Brasília.

On December 26, 2004, Teresa Amayo and her family suffered a great tragedy. The tsunami in Southeast Asia killed Lis’s daughter, Gianluca’s 8-year-old grandson, Antonio Davola’s brother-in-law.

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