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Activision: New York sues company – Microsoft acquisition in jeopardy?

As reported by the Axios portal, it appears that New York City to sue Activision. According to the documents, Bobby Kotick was unable to negotiate the deal with Microsoft. According to Stephen Totilo of Axios, an attempt was made to expedite the deal to remove him and the board of directors from the risk of legal action over the company’s handling of misconduct.

In this case, it appears to be a serious cut in the acquisition process, which will not only prolong the deal but also He has the power to break the deal.

A lawsuit is a shareholder action in Delaware Chancery Court (technically a “220” lawsuit) that allows shareholders to compel companies to open their books and potentially expose wrongdoing.

New York City is demanding a long list of documents from Activision, including materials related to the Microsoft deal, information about five potential buyers mentioned in the official description of Activision sales negotiations, board minutes, and more.

The city has been asking Activision for internal documents since last year, originally to find out what CEO Bobby Kotick knew about the company’s sexual misconduct. (This misconduct has been the subject of legal proceedings.)

As indicated in the lawsuit, New York sought access to Activison Books as a pretext to sue Kotick and members of the board of directors for The value of the company is supposed to decrease. And he expresses his frustration that Kotick, already under heavy criticism, was engaged in brisk negotiations to sell the company to Microsoft in late 2021.

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Operation opened today April 26 in Delaware via the New York City Employee Retirement System and the city’s teacher, police and firefighter pension funds. This is amazing A group of people owns stock in Activisionaccording to an Axios report, and believes that the gaming giant’s administrative actions are hurting the company’s value.

He also says that the show $95 / Microsoft share reduces the value of the companyWhich was trading close to that before the Activision public scandals began last year.

Here it is likely “just” to sue for damages, as this group of people is of the opinion that Bobby Kotik and Activision tried to evade payment. We know that the shareholders have agreed with Over 98% of upvotes in the last weekso it seems that we do not face serious risks.

Buying a company of this size has many investors and interests, so it is normal that the bureaucratic stage will wait a long time. We expect it to be completed by June 2023.