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Acre participates in a meeting with representatives of Germany and the United Kingdom for a preliminary evaluation of the Acre Phase II of the REM project.

Acre participates in a meeting with representatives of Germany and the United Kingdom for a preliminary evaluation of the Acre Phase II of the REM project.

Acre attended a virtual meeting with representatives of the Development Bank of Germany on Tuesday morning, 30, by the government, the Climate Change and Environmental Services Regulatory Agency (IMC) and the State Secretariat for Planning and Management (Seplag). (KfW), Klaus Köhnlein and the United Kingdom’s Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS), Felicity Le Quesme, and consultants were hired to prepare the report of the Interim Assessment (RMT). REM Acres Phase II Project.

IMC President Joyce Nobray explains that the interim review is a mandatory requirement when it comes to half the expected time to implement the project, which in this second phase was greatly affected by the control measures that were put in place. Infectious. The Manager emphasizes that this meeting helped to share the preliminary analysis of the consultants of the decisions already reached on the implementation of the project activities on the acre.

“We met with internationally renowned experts and representatives of KfW Banks from Germany and BEIS from the United Kingdom who are financing the REM project per acre. On the site Progress already made in implementing add-ons. The purpose is to gather information that will be included in a report with the size, quality and performance analysis of 13 government agencies per acre that will develop programs aimed at reducing emissions from deforestation and deforestation (REDD +).

Joyce Nobre, President of the IMC, with the Coordinator of the International Advisory Council on the Implementation of the REM Acres Project – Phase II, GFA Advisory Board, Don Pasca. Photo: Angela Rodriguez

With the coordinator of the international consultation for the implementation of the REM Acres project – Phase II, the GFA Advisory Committee, Don Pasca, Chairman of the IMC further emphasizes that during the meeting we were able to identify some of these challenges. The interim assessment expected in the next few months will be of utmost importance to the State Government in redirecting the joint action to improve and better implement the plan.

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“Preparing the mid-term report will be very important so that you can see the positive and negative points, as well as the reviews and suggestions that can be used to make the necessary changes to keep the program running smoothly. Acre State.”

The virtual meeting discussed the preliminary work of international consultants to prepare an interim evaluation report for the REM Acres Phase II project. Photo: Angela Rodriguez

The Coordinator of the REM Project Coordination Division points out that performance levels can be better evaluated at the end of the consultants’ work in the Planning and Management Secretariat (UCP / REM / Seplag). REM program acreage generating systems including current status and relevance of projects and planned goals.

“The report, prepared by the International Consulting Agency, will allow for the updating of the Technical Notes on Benefit Sharing (NTRB), and will also subsidize Zeplog and IMC to prepare a proposal for the transition of the next bank transfer mechanism to the REM Acres Plan. Carrying out long-term structural measures will be of great importance to us, and we propose changes that will improve the competence of participatory governance and the Community and Environmental Risk Management Agency (SGRSA) and the project monitoring program, along with measures to mitigate the effects of existing climate change. “