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About 70 UK companies test the four-day work week

About 70 UK companies test the four-day work week

Seventy companies in the United Kingdom are launching a pilot test with the same pay for the first four days of the work week this Monday, the largest in the world, according to organizers, after undergoing a restructuring of the way the epidemic works.

Companies in a number of sectors, including the banking and hospitality sector and companies with more than 30,000 employees, are launching a six-month trial to establish whether the four-day work week is acceptable, according to the British media. Without loss of production.

According to a study closely monitored by university researchers to measure the impact on productivity and workers’ well-being, companies continue to pay workers 100% of their wages.

The article was created by 4 Day Week Global, an autonomous think tank, a campaign team to reduce working days in collaboration with the English universities of Cambridge and Oxford and Boston College.

Researchers will look at how employees respond to a variety of factors, including additional stress, job satisfaction, health, sleep, travel and energy levels.

The initiative will support participating organizations with seminars on successful models, training and coaching and routine performance reviews.

Ed Seagal, CEO of the charity bank, which is participating in its banking test, said today that the epidemic has changed the game in favor of job flexibility.

“The 20th century concept of a five-day work week does not apply to 21st-century business. We firmly believe that a four-day week with no change in pay or benefits will create a happier workforce and have a positive impact on productivity,” Seagal added. .

Some companies, including Tesla, have denied this flexibility, and its CEO, Elon Musk, recently told employees to work at least 40 hours a week.

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