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Abel says Andrique cried after leaving the Palmeiras match and defends the striker: ‘He needs a hug’ |  Palm trees

Abel says Andrique cried after leaving the Palmeiras match and defends the striker: ‘He needs a hug’ | Palm trees

Endrick is substituted in the second half and appears with a jacket covering his face on the bench

Footage from the broadcast showed Indrik wearing a yellow jacket covering his face for several minutes. In a post-match press conference, Abel stated that he should have hugged the 16-year-old.

Andric cries on the bench after being substituted at Palmeiras x Bragantino – Photo: Reproduction / Premiere

– I am critical of myself for not hugging him. he needs. He needs a hug, he needs to keep smiling, – Abel began.

– He’s a kid who scored crucial goals last year and helped us beat Atlético MG. When they said that Indrik should be hired, he said he would be a champ. I ask him not to lose the smile on his face. You will fail, you will succeed. He’s 16, if he plays as normal as they do here, he’ll play until he’s 40 (laughs). The team is here to help him, the coach, the club is here to help him. And all this in God’s time – complete.

Watch Abel Ferrera’s press conference after Palmeiras vs Bragantino

And Abel highlighted the important role Andrik played in the team even without scoring goals. And he made sure to remember that he was still a boy.

– He should be quiet. Nobody likes to read reviews. Of course there is enormous pressure for him to score five or six goals, which he himself is trying to deal with. He will score in time. You have to be calm, so as not to lose your smile. That’s right, she put on a nightgown because she cried. I’m not his father, but I had to hug him. It’s different to sit there and then go inside to be charged in a high-pressure environment. You have to be calm, smile and remember the joy when you went to Disney.

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Abel Ferreira in Palmeiras x Bragantino – Photo: Marcos Ripoli

With the victory, the Palm trees He returned to first place in Group D. With two rounds left in the group stage in Paulistão, Abel Ferreira’s team is one point ahead of second place, Sao Bernardo, with 23 points.

Palmeiras 2×0 Bragantino – Best moments – Round 10 – Paulistao 2023

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Palm trees Did you struggle more defensively even though you were starting from scratch again?

– I don’t know, I know we have the best defence. Some say it is easier to defend than to attack. I see it differently. Defense is also an art. It takes as much vision to attack as it does to defend. To win titles you have to know how to do both well. We are the best defense. Bragantino had many shots on goal, many from outside the area or from free kicks. Football is just that. To be efficient and effective and congratulate my players. It’s hard to go back after two and a half days. And we managed to win the match.

Is the team more exposed?

– I can not say. You are experts at finding the negative. I prefer to appreciate one of the best goalkeepers in the world, the great defense I have, an amazing line-up of four keepers. The front line, too, who plays in any position. This shift we’re doing, with reinforcements, without reinforcements, with casualties and without casualties. If Weverton wasn’t needed, I would have played another striker. But he is there to defend and leave it that way. Very competitive games. I find it funny when they say that Palm trees He has the best crew. I see teams like Sao Paulo and Corinthians with great teams, and I see Bragantino very well. What I’ve noticed is that when they play against us, they all come out. This is what I noticed with all of them. Only unfortunately we have the same desire. The desire is mutual, to keep winning and move on.

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How do you keep the team consistent even with changes?

We work in silence and let our work shine. To be honest, I didn’t even know (the 100th win). Congratulations to the players who still want to win. It’s easy to reach, hard to maintain, and even more difficult to keep winning. We have done it in the past, in the recent past and we want to do it in the future.

In Palmeiras, Abel achieves his 100th victory, highlighting Boca | crowd sound

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