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Abel Ferreira, of Palmeiras, and his crew are considering suing Neto

Abel Ferreira, of Palmeiras, and his crew are considering suing Neto

Coach Abel Ferreira of Palmeiras and his crew is studying the possibility of opening a lawsuit against the band’s presenter and former player Neto, For his speech on the program “Os Donos da Paula” Thursday (24).

Neto quoted Abel’s mother as criticizing the coach’s speech during a press conference afterwards Alverde tied, 2-2, with Atletico-PR, in the first-leg of Recopa Sol-Americana.on Wednesday (23).

At the press conference, Abel quoted his parents when they criticize journalists, saying that regarding the “spoken game”, even his father and mother knew their opinions, but that technical knowledge was necessary to talk about the “game being played”.

“Are you silly? What do you want, [Abel Ferreira]? From the man who specialized in journalism from the man who played ball [fale de ciência]? We applaud you. what you want? Is the press not topping? Should a journalist talk about science? Can’t a previous player say you moved wrong? Does your mother know more? Do you know how to make cod, do you know how to make baguette? Mom knows about him football‘You probably don’t know,’ was fired by Neto, who also called Abel a coward because of the team’s position in the Club World Cup final.

Palmeiras denied the lines presented in a note Posted on the club’s official pages on social media.

“In his eagerness to criticize Palmeiras and the issues related to the # MaiorCampeãoDoBrasil, the former player with the privilege of setting up a program on open television conveyed contemptuously a member of our coach’s family, in which he attacked in a modest manner against those who are not even in football,” Palmeiras said.

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After the Palmeiras demonstration, Neto took to Twitter to defend himself.

“I just saw a letter disavowing Palmeiras’ advice. They said I offended coach Abel Ferreira’s mother. Everyone who watched ‘Os Donos da Paula’ knows this didn’t happen. Rude and disrespectful to the press.”