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Abel Ferreira cites the example of São Paulo and asks for a foot on the ground at Palmeiras

Abel Ferreira cites the example of São Paulo and asks for a foot on the ground at Palmeiras

Credit: Cesar Greco/AG Palmeiras

Palmeiras won the classic match against Corinthians 1-0, at the New Coimica Arena, in a match valid for the 22nd round of the Brazilian League. As a result, Verdau opened nine points for the opponent in the leaderboard. And even if the other competitors win, you can finish the round with an advantage of seven to second place.

In a post-derby press conference, coach Abel Ferreira insisted on curbing the excitement to gain advantage. In addition, the coach demanded to focus on excellence in work and emphasized that Palmeiras has not achieved anything yet.

I want to lower that enthusiasm now because you are here today saying we are the best. But then you won’t win a game tomorrow they’ll say crap. Let’s keep our focus. We have to keep focusing on the excellence of the work that Palmeiras does and keep going because we haven’t won anything at all. We are a very competitive team, we play our way, and that is what we want, to respect all opponents with courage. The players deserve to play on full stadiums, they were able to impose our game, defend when we had to defend, and have the ball when we had to. We were a very competitive team, smart and fair winnersAbel Ferreira said.

Also at the press conference, Abel Ferreira mentioned São Paulo’s demise at 2020 Brasileirão as an example. The Portuguese captain Ferdao indicated that the tricolor came to open an advantage in the lead, but she lost the title.

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It’s one game at a time. Anything is possible in football when you believe. What we have to do is continue with this consistency. That’s what I ask the players and we will do in the next matches, we play to win. I remember when I got to Brazil, I don’t know if it was Sao Paulo that was shooting, I don’t know how many points, however, they lost in the end. Brazilian football is very competitive, every match is a triple. What we couldn’t do was not play our way, for example. This is what you asked. We will continue to place a strong emphasis within each division of the club on the excellence of the work they do“, He said.

Palmeiras will return to the stadium next Sunday, 21, to face Flamengo in Allianz Parque, in the 23rd round of the Brazilian League. The match is tentatively scheduled to start at 16:00 (Brasilia time).