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Abel defends the arrival of Cruzeiro, Germio and Vasco: “The best for the show”

Photo: Cesar Greco / Palmeiras

Abel Ferreira is one of the main active coaches in Brazilian football

The Portuguese coach of Palmeiras, Abel Ferreira, defended in a press conference, Saturday (23), the accession of Cruzeiro, Germio and Vasco to the Brazilian First Division, and stressed that the participation of these three greats in the national football elite is not necessarily that it will be beneficial to him and Almiras, but to the “scene”.

“If we want football and we want entertainment, they are the two best teams. If Cruzeiro can go up, Grêmio and Vasco go up, that’s better. But not for me, it’s not better for me, it’s better for Brazilian football. It’s better for the player.. Brazilian. .. better in the Brazilian football show. That’s what I want. That’s what I think,” he said.

Despite Abel’s wishes, the Big Three didn’t get off to a good start in this version of the B series. None of them appeared, for example, in G4 الدرجة second classformed today by Bahia (1st place, with 7 points), Ituano (2nd place, 5), Chapecoense (3rd, 5) and Sports (4th place, 5).

Among the teams remembered by the Palmeiras coach, Grêmio (7) and Cruzeiro (10) have four points, while Vasco, who drew in their first three matches in the tournament, have three and are 15th.

The Second Division 2022 brings together many champions from the First Division, Libertadores and Copa do Brasil – in total, there are 14 First Division titles, 14 from the Copa del Rey and six from the Copa Libertadores. In addition to Cruzeiro, Germio and Vasco, they have already won titles from the major national championships Bahia, Sport and Guarani. Cresima is a Brazilian Cup holder, which he won in 1991.

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The Libertadores’ six victories came from Gremio, winner of the 1983, 1995 and 2017, editions, Cruzeiro, champion in 1976 and 1997, and Vasco, who lifted the trophy in 1998. Chapecoense, another participant in the second division, won the Copa Sol-America, in 2016.