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ABC and Vitória tied 0-0 in the first half - 10/09/2022 - News

ABC and Vitória tied 0-0 in the first half – 10/09/2022 – News

ABC and Vitória in the first half provided plenty of sweat and little inspiration, Saturday afternoon/evening (10), at Frasqueirão Stadium, in Natal. The score was 0-0, in the first 45 minutes of dribbling the ball, for the second stage of the Brazilian championship Serie A.

Alex Regis

Alfinegro went onto the field with changes to the starting lineup. Coach Fernando Marchiore. Who usually surprises with his core teams, decided to put Frasqueira’s star, Alison, in the starting lineup. To provide support to the sector and balance between attack and defense, coach Daniel Fanchan chose on the left flank, which made Filippinho advance further in the midfield.

The Bahia team, who needed a positive result away from home, also chose a team that preferred the offensive sector. Coach Joao Bursi, even away from home, opted to use a 4-3-3 tactic, with Paraguay striker Trellez.

Alvinegro started the game as he always does when he plays in their fields, occupying the opponent’s defense field and leaving for the muffler. The Bahian deployed the entire team on the field of defense, scoring behind the ball line.

Five minutes into the dribbling of the ball, ABC jpa took three corner kicks in the game. Vitoria sought to counterattack mainly with Trellez and Luigi, positioning themselves between the defenders and the other on the left side, above Marcos Vinicius.

In the 19th minute, Vitoria appeared in danger for the first time. Wellington Caesar came to “pounce” and missed. The midfielder could no longer follow the play and the Abdis failed to cover. Gabriel Honório took the lead and fired a beautiful kick in a good position. The ball “exploded” at goalkeeper Matheus Nogueira’s crossbar.

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It took ABC 10 minutes to get the change to Vitória and the show came on dead ball. Fabio Lima’s foul was committed in front of the penalty area. Wallison gently pushed him in and kicked hard. The ball scraped the left post of goalkeeper Dalton.

At the age of 37, Alfinegro suffered an important match loss. Winger Filippino, who was playing as a midfielder, felt a muscle injury and left the field. Coach Fernando Marchiore chose midfielder Gary. If they lose movement along the flanks, the home team gains more presence in the midfield.

The opening 45 minutes featured a lot of defenses and a little creativity, making the defenses beat attacks in almost every situation.