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ABBA quebra recorde de pré-venda no Reino Unido

ABBA breaks UK pre-sales record

Oh Return quality ABBAs are making an impact after a gap of four decades. The album “Voyage”, released on November 5, broke all-time pre-sales records in the UK. Confirmation came from the official schedule.

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A report was released last Friday that the new album had 80,000 pre-orders in the UK alone, a new record for the Universal Music UK label. A group called Tag Thats set a previous record with highlights for albumsProgress“e”III“.

To warm up the album, two songs were released. They “I still have faith in you“e”Don’t close me“. There is even a clip from the first!

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More about ABBA’s withdrawal

The long-awaited comeback features an album with 10 new songs and a virtual show with holograms, streamed live from London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park — ticket sales starting today. The team promises that their goal is to entertain the fans.

It’s been a while since we’ve set music together. Almost 40 years old, really. We retired in the spring of 1982, and now it’s time to end. They say waiting more than 40 years between albums is nonsense, so we recorded a sequel for the audience. We call it Voyage, and we actually travel on unnamed water“, The group said in a statement.

Although they have already won, they are not worried about the hit schedule.

We didn’t compete with Drake and all of these people. I don’t understand what products work today … we did what we could at our age”, This penny.

ABBA won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1974 and became very popular.Waterloo“, One of the team’s memorable successes.

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