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A young woman bathes her baby and tests a pregnant woman for a giant ovarian cyst

Young Raquel Rodriguez Soto has been the talk of the web in recent weeks. The woman prepared a bath for the newborn and took a picture of A giant cyst on your ovaryShe was affectionately called “Cystiana”.

According to Raquel, the cyst appeared five years ago, but it was not noticeable from the outside. However, it has started to grow exponentially in the last year. “It just exploded. I mean, it’s tripled in size in the past few months.

However, Rodriguez decided to approach the situation with humor. She and her friends showered the baby because of the sack, and posted a video of the party on TikTok. There was nothing else! a Mail It went viral and has already garnered 5.6 million views.

@Rockiesoto33Here’s my early birthday party/ovarian cyst (baby shower) 😂😂😂🥹🥰 s/o for my family and friends for the best night out.♬ long distance – *

In addition to the unusual baby shower, Raquel posed for a pregnant photo, with the bag leaving her stomach looking like pregnancy. The case has been reported on foreign portals, such as Kidspot.

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The young woman says she received some negative comments about her decision to shower, but the opinions of others did not change her mind. “People told me it wasn’t funny – but it was the best decision ever.”

Raquel had surgery to remove the cyst on June 9, which, intriguingly, is on the same date as her birthday. The doctor reported that the bag weighed 4.8 kg, was 28 cm in diameter x 26 cm in diameter and contained 4.5 liters of fluid. She was a big girl. He joked.

Rodriguez explained that the cyst was not cancerous, however it ended up damaging the right ovary and fallopian tubes. “But the left ovary, fallopian tubes, and uterus are in perfect condition,” he said.

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