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A young whale lost in the Thames is sacrificed  Scientist

A young whale lost in the Thames is sacrificed Scientist

A baby whale separated from its mother W. Lost on the Thames, Near London, at United kingdomRescuers said on Tuesday (11) that he had to be sacrificed due to his deteriorating condition.

Video: See photos of a young stranded whale on the River Thames, UK

Early Monday morning, rescuers opened a small minke whale, which was stranded in a locksmith to control the flow of water in southwest London.

The animal managed to escape, when it was directed to a deeper part of the river and began to climb the Thames, instead of swimming towards the sea.

“The whale’s condition has deteriorated in the last 45 minutes we have been with it,” said Julia Capel, BDMLR coordinator for British divers, Monday night.

I wasn’t breathing well and wouldn’t live longerHe added, noting that veterinarians at the London Zoo administered A. Enhanced anesthesia in cetaceansWho separated from his mother.

A spokeswoman for the Royal National Lifeboat Institute said on Sunday that the three-to-four-meter-long cub exhibited such “alarming behavior” that “the experts present were afraid he was not in good health.”

In January 2006, a large whale stranded on the River Thames, arousing enormous interest. She died while being returned to the sea.

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