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A young man went to the intensive care unit after being diagnosed with “black urine” after a month in the hospital |  Goiás

A young man went to the intensive care unit after being diagnosed with “black urine” after a month in the hospital | Goiás

Young woman Kelly Silva, 27, went out on Monday (26) after One month with ‘black urine’, in a Goiania. A resident of Guyana, in central Goiás, even went to the intensive care unit (ICU) and underwent dialysis sessions. Her mother, Maria da Conceição, said she was happy with her daughter’s good recovery.

“Now we are more comfortable, the suffocation is over. She lived a lot, and was afraid not to come back, but thank God she is fine and the medicine surprise after the progression of the clinical picture ”, the mother celebrates.

According to Goiania’s Municipal Health Service, the woman developed symptoms of Huff Syndrome in the first 24 hours after eating contaminated fish, on June 24. The disease was confirmed at a hospital in Goiania and she was admitted to an intensive care unit bed as soon as she arrived in the capital.

A young woman went to the intensive care unit after being diagnosed with ‘black urine’ discharged from Goiania – Photo: Publicity / Hospital Jardim América

In the early days of treatment, Kelly had no disease progression until he was intubated, the unit’s medical director Patrick Ponciano Lima de Almeida said in a note. However, according to the specialist, after extubation, she showed clinical improvement and it was possible to release medical discharge.

“His kidneys and movements are working again, it’s fine. Many thanks to God and to the people who joined us in prayer. There were people from all over Brazil praying,” says Maria da Conceição.

The director of the hospital where the young woman underwent treatment, explained that even after her discharge from the hospital, Kelly will continue treatment with the team of nephrology, psychology and physical therapy.

Delegate Anna Carolina Pedrotti, from Goiânia, reported that The investigation into Kelly’s case continues The next step is to listen to those involved. For the card holder, the police will find out if there is any kind of crime against the consumer and check the possible liability.

At the time, the restaurant where the young woman ate raw fish, a Japanese dish, told Anhanguera TV that it “does not know which fish caused the disease, and that everything inside the venue falls within the standards set by the National Health Surveillance Agency and is available for any clarification.”

Kelly Silva undergoes dialysis every day to help her kidneys function after contracting ‘black urine’ in Goiania – Photo: Reproduction/Anhanguera TV

What is Huff Syndrome?

According to SMS, “black urine,” Huff syndrome, is a bacterial infection associated with eating raw or cooked fish. The bacteria are transmitted by eating the toxin in meat.

However, the way in which the animal becomes contaminated with the poison that causes the disease, is not a consensus among experts. Some infectious scientists say that the poison results from poor packaging of the fish, but others claim that it comes from algae that the animal consumes.

Infection specialist Mariana Tasara explained that the poison can be developed in raw or cooked fish, because it is thermophilic, that is, it is not eliminated at high temperatures. However, it is a rare case.

The doctor explains that “the packaging of this fish can cause this toxin that causes food poisoning. And because it is a very rare syndrome, there is no need to panic.”

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