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A woman was hospitalized after she wore jeans that were too tight.  understand

A woman was hospitalized after she wore jeans that were too tight. understand

In a video that went viral on TikTok, an American named Sam, 25, said that He ended up in the hospital After wearing super skinny jeans on a date. She remembers that her panties were bothering her and she spent the whole time trying to get them off her butt.

When he got home, he noticed a bruise right away. However, days later, the area started to hurt a lot, and her mother took her to the medical emergency. She was given antibiotics for a skin infection, and doctors sent her home. The next day, Sam woke up in excruciating pain and feeling bad.

When she returned to the hospital, the young woman was diagnosed with sepsisgeneralized infection. “I was shivering, panting, I couldn’t walk and I had excruciating pain all over my body. The doctors admitted me to the intensive care unit, and that’s when I realized that The situation was more serious than I thought‘, he says, in the video that went viral.

She spent four days in the intensive care unit, and health professionals came to her Discuss the need for surgery To remove infected skin that has begun to necrosis from the rectal area. However, the young woman responded well to the treatment and did not need to undergo the procedure.

The guy on the date went to the hospital for several visits, and the two started dating shortly thereafter – they’ve been together for three years. Overall, Sam spent a week in the hospital and a month resting at home. After that period the infection returned and she had to return to the hospital. Today, she is in good health.

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