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A woman is swallowed by a five-meter python in Indonesia – Jovem Pan

A woman is swallowed by a five-meter python in Indonesia – Jovem Pan

A woman pulled out a five-metre-long snake

A dead woman was found inside a pythonWhich swallowed her whole in the middle IndonesiaA local authority announced on Saturday (8). Farida’s husband, 45 years old, and residents of Kalembang village, in South Celebes province, found on Friday (7) inside a reticulated python about five meters long. Farida, a mother of four children, disappeared on Thursday evening and a search began for her, according to what the village head, Suardi Rossi, told AFP. Neighbors searched the area and soon saw a “big-bellied snake,” Rossi said. “They decided to open the abdomen and Farida’s head appeared,” which was fully clothed inside the snake. These incidents are not uncommon at all, but several people have died in Indonesia in recent years after being swallowed by snakes. Last year, residents of Tinangia, southeast of Celebes Island, killed an eight-month-old python that led to a farmer suffocating and eating it. In 2018, a 54-year-old woman was found dead inside a seven-metre-long python in the town of Mona, also located in southeast Celebes. The previous year, a farmer in the west of this same province was devoured by a four-metre-long python.


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