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A woman discovers that she does not have cancer after two years of treatment – Health

A woman discovers that she does not have cancer after two years of treatment – Health

SAO PAULO, SP (UOL/FOLHAPRESS) – A 33-year-old English woman underwent two years of treatment after being diagnosed with skin cancer and this week won an out-of-court settlement seeking compensation after discovering that, in fact, she never had the disease.

Theatrical make-up artist Megan Rowell, who lives in London, England, was diagnosed with skin cancer in 2019 by doctors at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

Doctors identified a mole on his arm that they said was skin cancer. She was then referred to the specialist cancer unit at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London.

As part of the treatment, she underwent immunotherapy, had her eggs frozen due to the risk of fertility, and had to undergo surgery that left a scar nearly 20cm long on her arm, according to the BBC.

In 2021, Rowell needed to move and thus change the location of his treatment. The team that treated her reviewed her tests and discovered that she had not contracted the disease at all.

This week, the esthetician reached an out-of-court settlement seeking compensation for the years of treatment and inconvenience she has accumulated since her first diagnosis.

Her lawyer, Matthew Gascoigne, who specializes in medical negligence, said the diagnosis had a “profound psychological impact” on his client, according to Sky News.

In a statement to the British newspaper The Independent, she stated that although she felt relieved when she learned that she did not have cancer, her strongest feelings were frustration and anger.

“You can’t believe something like this could happen, and to this day I’ve never been given an explanation as to how or why it happened. I spent two years thinking I had cancer, went through all the treatment, and then was told I had cancer.” There was no cancer at all,” said Megan Rowell, the makeup artist.

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In a statement sent to Sky News, a spokesperson for the Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust apologised: “We would like to offer our sincere apologies to Megan Royle for the distress caused by her experience in hospital, and we are pleased that a settlement has been reached.” “

North West London Pathology, a partner at Imperial College NHS Trust, also said: “We deeply regret the distress caused to Meghan Royle and apologize unreservedly for what went wrong. While no settlement can make up for the impact this matter has had, we “We are happy that an agreement has been reached.”