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A woman cries and accuses the restaurant of refusing to serve her because she is deaf

Shannon Hirocks, a 32-year-old woman, recently shared a post on her account. tik tok 2 videos, which already outperform together 12 million viewsIn which he accuses and denounces the chain restaurant Dunkin’ Donuts, employment California , United State, to refuse to serve her because of her presence deaf.

According to the information revealed by the news portal Chile Publimetro, told Heroux in an interview that he relied on hearing to hear it, however, by the date it happened he had forgotten about it.

During their conversation, the woman also said that due to her difficulty, she said: “I can’t hear you, I can’t hear you, I need to read your lips.” He refused to write to me what he was saying and to take off the mask.”, mentioned.

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Even with all the insistence, according to Shannon’s account, she left without being able to place her order and file the report on her TikTok account.

Finally, Heroux stressed that this is not the first time this type of discrimination has occurred during a pandemic. The woman also said that many do not think she is deaf because she “doesn’t find it difficult to speak”. “I’ve been discriminated against during the pandemic and it’s time to do something. Target, Costco, Grocery Store, Walmart, Alan Dunkin’. Enough.”, He said.

Check out both recordings posted on TikTok. (If you can’t see it, just access the links: link 1 NS link 2).

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