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A US court appoints a special prosecutor to investigate classified documents with Biden

A US court appoints a special prosecutor to investigate classified documents with Biden

Robert Hoare was chosen by Minister Merrick Gerland to take over; The pressure on the US head of state is expected to increase after the FBI’s searches against Trump in Mar-a-Lago

ANNA MONEYMAKER/GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA/GETTY IMAGES via AFPEven with unemployment rates low and the pandemic under control, a rebound in Biden’s popularity is a tough road ahead

Robert Hoare, former US Attorney we in Maryland during the administration Donald TrumpHe was appointed by US Attorney General Merrick Gerland as special counsel to handle the investigation of official documents that were found at addresses associated with the President. Joe Biden Since he was Vice President of Barack Obama (2009-2017). According to Gerland’s order, Hoare will be responsible for “the investigation of the possible unauthorized removal and maintenance of classified documents or other discovered records” at the Biden think tank office and at his residence in Washington. The White House confirmed this Thursday, the 12th, that its legal team found new certified documents from the Biden era as vice president in the garage of one of his mansions in Delaware, after he admitted a similar idea this week in the president’s office. in the Research Center. “A small number of additional documents belonging to the Obama-Biden administration that are classified as classified” were found in the garage of his home in Wilmington, Delaware, and in an adjoining room, presidential advisor Richard Sauber said in a statement, adding that the documents may have been captured during the period. transitional year 2017.

Speaker of the House of Representatives Kevin McCarthy, called for an investigation against Biden. He told the press that “Congress should investigate this issue,” and denounced “a new move by the Biden administration.” And the congressional leader recalled an interview given by the head of state on the popular television program “60 Minutes”, which was broadcast by the “CBS” network, to talk about the documents found in Trump’s residence. “He was very concerned about President Trump’s documents, and now we find out that he, as vice president, kept them for years without security in various locations,” McCarthy said, noting that in Trump’s case the FBI searched his mansion in Mar-a-Land. -Lago in August, when the ex-president was not there. Along these lines, McCarthy questioned why the Biden case was handled differently. “We are in the United States and we believe in equal justice,” he said.

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The Biden administration says they are different contexts, claiming that the documents found were not due to any request and there was no resistance to retrieving the classified ads, which are considered classified, unlike in the Trump case. Biden’s attorney, Richard Sauber, says he is responsible for finding the documents and voluntarily turning them over to authorities. A 1978 law requires US presidents and vice presidents to submit all emails, letters, and other business papers to the National Archives. Faced with the fallout, Biden talked about it. He said he was protected that the controversy arising from the discovery of confidential papers in one of his private residences would be resolved. “I am sure that everything will be clarified,” said the head of state. This “research center” was discovered in November, but it was only revealed earlier this week. It is not known the motive behind the searches, the content of the documents, and who decided to send them to these sites. Karen Jean-Pierre, a White House spokeswoman, said only that the matter was being investigated by the Justice Department.