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A UOL poll showed that Pape and Deolan object to the false illusion being false

A UOL poll showed that Pape and Deolan object to the false illusion being false

It’s fire in the hay in the last part of “farm 2022” (Record TV) This week the show will not end, Because there will be a false wind formation tomorrow🇧🇷 The UOL Poll measures readers’ preferences regarding who they want to see win the dynamic and win that gift from the audience.

The votes are mainly concentrated in two groups: Deolane Bezerra and Bárbara Borges, who present the biggest competition in the final third of the programme.

Today, on the eve of the false right’s formation, Barbara has 42.91% of the vote as the frontrunner to win the false right. In a technical tie, just behind him, Deolane shows up with 42.40%.

In a distant third, Iran has just 3.24%. All other pawns add up to less percentages than that.

vote! Who do you want to win the fake farm in “A Fazenda 2022”:

A Fazenda: Who do you want to “eliminate” on the mock farm? vote!



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the sum of the 2145 wishes

How will the fake rock work?

The farmer who wins the false oath will usually be “eliminated” on Thursday, but instead of going home, he will go to the farm.

The eliminated faker will choose two other farm workers to meet him on the farm. Together, they will be able to talk and see some pictures, and at the end of the afternoon, the two guests will return to the headquarters without being able to say anything to the others about what they have discovered.

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If they did, the three of them would be punished by forming a thunderbolt between them.

The eliminated fake would leave the farm and return to the headquarters by surprise on Saturday.

Want to see fire in the hay? Get all the information about “A Fazenda” live on Splash’s Telegram channel. to sign up , click here Or search for “Splash UOL – A Fazenda” and select “Enter”.

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